Lives change @ your library.

And a very Happy National Library Week to you!

The theme of this year’s American Library Association celebration is Lives change @ your library.  So that’s what Team LRK is celebrating as well.  As you must know by now, I love libraries.

Laurie's first library, in Santa Cruz, CA.

Laurie’s first library, in Santa Cruz, CA.

I use libraries by the cubic meter, by the hundredweight, by the hour.  Using any measure, libraries shaped me and continue to shape my writing.research001-100x300


So this spring, where I am also celebrating my own great good fortune in twenty years of Mary Russell, I’m giving away some of her books.

Two ways:

1. To libraries.  If you know a library that sponsors book clubs, and can make use of fifteen copies of the same Russell title, send us the library’s name.  We’ll do a drawing every week between now and the publication date for the Twentieth Anniversary Edition of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, May 27.  Show your library you love them, and let me send them some books.

Send your library nomination, to:  with the subject line: Libraries.Jean_Lukens_book_cover_233X350px

2. To Russell’s readers. Do you agree, that “Lives change @ your library”?  Let’s make that our theme.  I have a complete set of Russell & Holmes hardbacks PLUS the new hardback 20th Anniversary Beekeeper’s Apprentice for the winning essay, poem, video, painting or what-have-you, on the topic:

“How The Beekeeper’s Apprentice Changed my Life.”

Although if that’s a bit too dramatic, you can make it:

“When I first met Mary Russell, she…”

Send your essay/poem/video/needlework/skywriting project etc. to:  with the subject line: Beekeeper.

Odd housemates

I love odd plants.

DSC01134I’ve posted about my various odd housemates, of the vegetable variety, from time to time.tree orchidsNow another long-time inhabitant of a sunny window has sprouted some peculiar and quite unexpected blossoms.

Who’d have guessed that something like this—DSC00822

would sprout into this—DSC01314

Life is full of such delightful surprises.

(And in case you’re wondering, no, I have no idea what this fellow’s name is.  Anyone?)

Russell bundles, again!

My beloved Random House has an offer you…well, you can refuse if you like, they’re not that pushy.  But it’s a really nice offer, for eight Mary Russell-Sherlock Holmes novels, in celebration of Russell’s 20th anniversary.  The titles run from O Jerusalem to Garment of Shadows, covering ground from 1919 Palestine to 1924 Morocco, with everything from India and San Francisco to the Orkney islands in between.  If you read one a month, all twelve books will take you up to Dreaming Spies in February!

Just a thought.

The Kindles are here, and Nook is here. Pass the word on to friends.9780804180481_p0_v1_s260x420-1

Russell, bundled

To celebrate the 2oth anniversary of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, Picador is selling a merry bundle–9781466866034_p0_v3_s260x420

–of the first four Mary Russell e-books. That’s right, a special package deal with a sweetheart of a cover, with Beekeeper, Monstrous Regiment of Women, A Letter of Mary, and The Moor. Fill up your e-reader library, so you’re never again stuck in a boring airport without something to take your mind off things.  (The other eight Russell titles: coming soon!)

It’s for your Kindle, or for your Nook.  Enjoy!

A Russell Companion!

Due May 1: The Mary Russell (e-)Companion: all manner of information and tidbits concerning Miss Russell’s Memoirs, from What does their house look like? to What’s a copper beech?  Yes, there’s even a chapter on her sex life.MR Companion cover


The book page is here.

And I will over to you my humble and immediate apologies that this is exclusively an ebook.  I shall merely point out that if a bajillion people buy the thing, a hard version will surely follow.  So it’s all up to you.