Agatha and me

The list of nominees for this year’s Agatha awards is now up on the Malice Domestic web site.banner

Malice, which takes place in Bethesda the first weekend in May, celebrates “the traditional mystery,” and Dreaming Spies is one of the attendees’ top choices for “Best Historical Mystery.”  This is a great honor–I mean, just look at the others in just this one category:

Best Historical Novel:
Malice at the Palace, Rhys Bowen (Berkley)
The Masque of a Murderer, Susanna Calkins (Minotaur Books)
Dreaming Spies
, Laurie R. King (Bantam)
Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante, Susan Elia Macneal (Banntam)
Murder on Amsterdam Avenue, Victoria Thompson (Berkley)

Voting takes place during the conference.  The entire list of nominations, offering a lot of weeks of great traditional crime stories, is here.

A Marriage for Mary

A new short story is born!marriage of mary russell_sm

Yes, yes, a short story isn’t a novel, but it’s a bright and amusing bit of new life that wasn’t here last month, and now is, so: yay, me!  (Although “here” is a relative term. It’s here for me. You’ll have to wait until March. Sorry.)

Here’s how Random House describe it:

Laurie R. King takes readers way back in her bestselling series with this exclusive ebook short story, as Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes embark upon the riskiest adventure of their partnership: their wedding.

Though she cannot entirely discount the effects of the head injuries they were both suffering at the time, Mary Russell is delighted by Sherlock Holmes’s proposal of marriage.  After all, they have become partners-in-crime, and she has recently come into her inheritance: what remains but to confirm the union with her mentor-turned-partner through a piece of paper? Russell’s pragmatic side tells her to head straight to the registry office—until Holmes surprises her with a sentimental wish to be married in the chapel of his ancestral manse. There’s just the small issue of ownership: the manse is not exactly his, and he is most definitely not welcome there. Of course, such obstacles have never deterred Sherlock Holmes before, and they certainly won’t keep him from concocting an elaborate scheme to evade angry dogs and armed butlers—all in the name of wedded bliss.

More about writing it next week, and eventually some pre-order information, and all that.  At the moment, I’m madly trying busy with the copyedit, trying to send it back before the weekend…

E-vanishing reminder

Just a reminder: the four Russell short e-stories will be unavailable starting next Monday. If you were thinking about putting Russell’s War, Mary’s Christmas, Mrs Hudson’s Case, or Beekeeping for Beginners on your e-reader any time soon, this is your last chance until the stories appear in an e-collection next September.

The e-stories going out of, er, print (?) on February 1 are:

Russell’s War

Mary’s Christmas

Mrs Hudson’s Case (KindleNook, and other)

Beekeeping for Beginners

Road trip with Laurie! (and a Murdered Mary?)

So here’s me, from April 5 until April 15:2016 tour mapThe Murder of Mary Russell will launch at the amazing and wonderfully warm Anderson’s Books (yay!) in Naperville (near Chicago.) They hosted an event for me a year ago—and made a great video interview. So when I learned that I’d be passing through Chicago, I brought forward my bowl to say, “Please, sir, I want some more?”


No, my publishers aren’t this stern. And booksellers never are.

I’m sure There Will Be Fun at the launch—more when I know what they have planned for us.

Then after Anderson’s, I head back to the airport for (deep breath):

Traverse City

St. Louis








This is in addition to my beloved Bookshop Santa Cruz, and one or two Bay Area venues. (Then at the end of the month, draw another line across the map for the 27th, when I cross to New York for the Edgars, then drop down to DC for Malice Domestic.)

Details of times and places are here.  There’ll be more to come, I’m sure, but I wanted to give you the “save the date” notice while your calendar is still relatively empty…

Vanishing shorts

Two weeks from today, on Feb 1, a number of my e-short stories will be coming down, vanishing, going underground (except, of course, if they’re already on your reader.) king_beeke_9780345529930_h-203x300These stories won’t be for sale again until Random House publishes my collection of Russell & Holmes tales in October (as an ebook, though possibly, eventually, as a print book as well. We don’t have a contract for that yet.)

The e-stories going out of, er, print (?) on February 1 are:

Russell’s War

Mary’s Christmas

Mrs Hudson’s Case (Kindle, Nook, and other)

Beekeeping for Beginners

Cover-5-201x300My other self-published shorts won’t change: Mila’s Tale, The Mary Russell Companion, Laurie R. King’s Sherlock Holmes, My Thesis Being…, and Hellbender will all remain for sale as ebooks (and, in the case of the Sherlock Holmes essays, in print.)

Got it?  Good.