Mary Russell’s War (seventeen): moats and murders

24 November 1914

The Valley of Fear is a murder mystery set in a moated house. At night, the owner puts up the drawbridge, yet someone gets in and kills him.

England is an island. The moats around her, the seas and channels, only appear to protect her.

Forty Zeppelins Are Ready for Service.


British Birdmen Raid Zeppelin Works.

Why is Mr Holmes so interested in a candle? Why does Mrs Douglas show so little reaction at her husband’s murder? Why have British warships seized a load of German toys? Why are the Mexicans shooting across the border at Americans? Why does Dr Ginsberg think I am hallucinating an uncle, just because my parents never told her about Jake?

In the story, the dead man says, “I have been in the Valley of Fear. I am not out of it yet.”

He speaks for me.


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Larceny in the Library

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Mary’s Christmas

The short story “Mary’s Christmas”cover8

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It begins one winter’s evening in late 1921 or 1922 when the two are seated by their fire, sharing stories about the unexplored portions of their past. Naturally, a person might expect the older Holmes to have a large collection of these—but tonight it is Russell who astonishes her husband with news of a previously unknown, even unsuspected, relation.

The story is also available in Kobo, Nook, Kindle, and other venues.


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