Happy Paperback!

The Dreaming Spies paperback comes out today, which makes for a good excuse to give you a pretty card.

DS pbk ecard maple

I took the photo in the moss garden in Kyoto, at precisely the time of year that Russell & Holmes were in Japan. (Not, I should note, a thing that always happens, and a hazard if you’re writing autumnal scenes having only been to a place in the spring…)

Anyway, the paperback is out today, and a very pretty thing it is.


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Another weird foodstuff

Long-time followers of my Mutterings will be aware that I like to try weird fruits and veggies. I just came across another one:DSC00774

It’s called Melothria scabra, also known as mouse melon, which is a particularly adorable name.  It’s a type of cucumber that looks like a grape-sized watermelon, and in fact tastes a bit like a watermelon rind, crunchy and a bit sour.

Do you have any weird fruits & veggies that you particularly like, that I should watch out for?


Dreaming paperbacks


Next Tuesday, the paperback of Dreaming Spies swims onto book shelves everywhere…DS ecard (carp)

Excerpt and order information here.

A Dreaming e-card

I hope you’re having fun with these e-cards? This one is another product from Team LRK: words from the book, image from my camera, design by Bob & the Random House art department.  For your sharing pleasure, in celebration of the upcoming paperback of Dreaming Spies.

DS pbk ecard 4 (torii)

Where the bears discovered us


An e-card, for you, from the Dreaming Spies paperback, out October 6.DS pbk ecard  3 (bears.jp)g