BBC Beekeeper

Several years ago, BBC Radio 4 did an adaptation of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice.  If you don’t know Radio Four, this is the radio station that covers not music, but the word: dramas, comedies, in-depth reports on news and history, it’s a genius source of wit and wisdom the like of which does not really exist in the US.

For a while, the CDs of Beekeeper and similar works could be bought in the BBC shops, but then they went out of stock, and the 2000 recording went back into the dim recesses of the Beeb’s archives.

Until now.p01l9f8l

Adapted by Shaun Prendergast, starring Pendergast, James Fox, Monica Dolan, and Sian Thomas, these four episodes were re-broadcast a couple of weeks ago, and are being streamed for the next two weeks on the Radio 4 site, here.

Let me know what you think of them!

Kepler’s & Crime

The marvelous Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park has an upcoming:

Afternoon of Chaos, Killing, Crime, & Kidnapping @ Kepler’s

Now, that may sound somewhat exhausting, but if you’re a fan of crime fiction, and you’re interested in how we writers do our thing, come and listen to 1) Plotters vs Pantsers, 2) It’s Not Me, Babe (writing a character different from you), and 3) a trivia quiz.

There’s a nominal charge, since this kind of thing costs the bookstore, but Kepler’s is one of the great Indie booksellers, and support like this for the Mystery community is a joy. Come and join Paul Draker, Steve Hockensmith, Cara Black, Catriona McPherson, Janet Rudolph, David Corbett, Seth Harwood, Terry Shames, Keith Raffel, and me, for an afternoon of Chaos, Crime and…well, all the rest.mystery day image-SMALL_0Check it out, here.


Cherry is to Japan as hawthorn is to…

In England recently, it was hawthorn season.Hawthorn

In Dreaming Spies, Russell reflects on the resemblance to cherry blossoms:Hawthorn flowers

The …thick white hawthorn blossom overhead made me imagine for an instant that I was kneeling for a hanami, setting out a picnic beneath flowering trees.Sussex hawthorn

Sheep; gorse: Sussex

I spent a few days in Sussex recently, and…

In my seven weeks of peripatetic reading amongst the sheepSheep flock

(which tended to move out of my way)sheep

and the gorse bushesGorse bushes

(to which I had painfully developed an instinctive awareness)gorse

I had never before stepped on a person…

Book fest!

There’s a new Fest in town: the Bay Area Book Festival (first annual?) blows into Berkeley this weekend, and I’ll be there on Saturday, to chat about, well, books.  And writing and crime and stuff.  So if you’re in the Bay Area, come and play!map

Kids stuff, adult things, Grateful Dead and John Scalzi (no, not together) and Catriona McPherson, Kalli Stanley, Diana Chambers and me, talking about How to Get Away with Murder.  The schedule’s right  here.