Short Stories and Collaborations

“All we ask is that you let the Holmes stories inspire you.  You might want to write a straight Holmes pastiche, or a graphic story, or a tale about Mycroft or Mrs Hudson or Billy the page.  The story may take place in Victorian Baker Street, or in Mughal India—or on the first manned flight to Mars.  Perhaps the plot takes inspiration from a Conan Doyle tale?  Or your detective suspects that his case is related to one Holmes faced?  Or…”
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A Study in SherlockWhat would happen if you asked twenty top writers who don’t normally write about Sherlock Holmes, to write about Sherlock Holmes? Why, you’d have: A Study in Sherlock, Stories Inspired by the Sherlock Holmes Canon.  Its page is here.
Beekeeping for Beginners Beekeeping for Beginners (2011)
thebluereligion “The Fool,” in The Blue Religion (2008)In which Brother Erasmus (To Play the Fool) returns to help another cop.
unusual-suspects “The House” in Unusual Suspects, ed. Dana Stabenow (2008)LRK’s “Artist of the Year” project.
murder_foul_line “Cat’s Paw” in Murder at the Foul Line, ed. Otto Penzler (2006)


“The Salt Pond” in Wild Crimes, edited by Dana Stabenow. (2004).
thrilling_tales_sm “Weaving the Dark” from Thrilling Tales, ed. Michael Chabon.This is McSweeney’s Magazine number 10, also published (without the fun extras) by Vintage. The magazine is loosely linked to Dave Eggar’s Valencia Street writing center. (2004)
irrec_diff_sm “Paleta Man” in Irreconcilable Differences, edited by Lia Matera (Edgar Award nominee) (1999)
crime_through_time “Mrs Hudson’s Case” in Crime Through Time, eds Monfredo and Newman (1997)Buy it for Nook
phoenix_sm Naked Came the Phoenix: chapter 13 (2001)

Non-Fiction and Introductions

Writes of Passage
Sometimes, you’re looking for a How-to book.  Other times, what you need is a How-I book. This is one of those.
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My Bookstore My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop
Books to Die For What is Laurie’s book to die for?  Find out in the collection Books to Die For.
The Grand Game, A Celebration of Sherlockian Scholarship, volume 1, 1901-1959 (2011) and volume 2, 1960-2010A collection of outstanding essays and articles that play “The Game.” (That is, they are based on the assumptions: Sherlock Holmes did actually live; Dr Watson wrote the tales of his cases; and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was merely the literary executor.  Much as Laurie R. King is the literary agent for one Mary Russell.)
hound Intro to The Hound of the Baskervilles , Arthur Conan Doyle (Modern Library Classics, Random House, 2002)Included in Laurie R. King’s Sherlock Holmes
s_g_mysteries “The Past is a Foreign Country”, Writing Mysteries, (ed. Sue Grafton / Jan Burke) (2002)Laurie has written a chapter on the historical mystery in this group of Mystery Writers of America’s ideas and comments on writing mysteries.
crim_kab_med Intro to Criminal Kabbalah, edited by Lawrence Raphael. (2002)
Crime and Thriller Writing Crime and Thriller Writing: A Writers’ & Artists’ Companion (2012)