Higher Mysteries

On May 14, I will sit down with Zoe Ferraris, Sharan Newman, and Julia Spencer-Fleming to talk about Higher Mysteries. You do not want to miss this. It’s the 2013 King Lecture in Santa Cruz, at 7:00 in the main library at 224 Church Street.  [Read more…]

The thrill is coming!

Just to give you a head’s up: the spring newsletter is going out tomorrow, with some exciting snippets in it.  If you’re not signed up yet, you can do so here.

More to come…

Dog love

I’m participating in an event Thursday night for:  “UnChained, a Canines Teaching Compassion Program that helps change the lives of kids and save the lives of dogs by matching at-risk youth and shelter dogs together.”  It’s at one of my favorite bookstores, Capitola BookCafe–details here.

A literary soirée

The third event of the recent Pacific Northwest Library Extravaganza was a soirée called Author! Author! at the gorgeous offices of architects Rice/Fergus/Miller in Bremerton.  Over the Puget Sound area’s most tasty appetizers, thriller writer Kevin O’Brien and I talked books–

Unknown-2–and writing and drank some beer and talked and answered questions and… well, I may have been a little too distracted by the delicious smells wafting over from the buffet table to pay much attention to what we talked about, but I do know I, for one, had a great time.

This was the inaugural event in what is proposed to be a series of salons with, yes, an Author! and an Author! talking.  Also eating and drinking and oh yes, signing books for others who love libraries, and eating and drinking and books.  This was a fundraiser for the library, but it was also an example of the kind of thing that libraries can do, bringing writers from afar to talk to readers.

We love libraries.


Thank you, Jaime Forsyth, Jeannie Allen, Chapple Langemark, and all the great people involved with the Kitsap Regional Library, for making me so welcome.

If you’d like to see more pictures, the Facebook album of photos is here.

The Great PNW Library Extravaganza

Okay, what is it with the libraries in Washington state?  They are uniformly fabulous, with uniformly fabulous people in charge.

They even have amazing names! Take yesterday: I fly into SeaTac and am met by the coordinator of adult programming for Kitsap County, whose name is Chapple Langemack.  We then go to lunch with the manager of one cluster of King County libraries, who glories in the name of Angelina Benedetti.  Is that great or what?

These two ladies fed me the kind of lunch you want to take two hours over, but we didn’t, because I had an event.  At the only library in the country (the world??) built over a river.

That’s right, the Renton library is built directly over the Cedar River, a gorgeous shallow stream that’s wall-to-wall spawning fish in salmon spawning season.  Here’s Chapple and Angie in Angie’s office:

Can you imagine having an office like that?  Would you ever get anything done?  Ever? (She did, I will say, have her chair turned away from the view.)

So I did a very nice event and University Books sold a bunch of books, and I said a whole lot of words there, but I can’t tell you what those words were because I kept thinking, “I’m standing over a river!”  “You people are sitting over running water!”

And then I did a book event on a ferry.

Laurie’s Libraries (WA edition)

As part of the 20th anniversary Laurie Loves Libraries extravaganza, I’m packing my bags for a Pacific Northwest Literary storm, due to hit WA tomorrow.

That’s right, Thursday, March 14: 2:00 at the Renton library; 4:40 on the Seattle-Bainbridge Island ferry; 7:00 at the library in Bremerton, continuing Friday at 10:00 in Poulsbo.



Surely you can make it to one of those?

Laurie Loves Libraries, cont.

Tonight I’ll be continuing my 20th anniversary celebration with an event at the Vacaville Town Square Library in Vacaville, CA. (You can download a flyer here.) Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, you can still enter your favorite library for this week’s book drawing by clicking here.

Ten Weeks of Library Love

If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll come out and join me tonight at the Santa Clara City Library for the opening of the LRK ten weeks of library love, a celebration of all things library in honor of the twentieth anniversary of A Grave Talent. Hope to see you there!

A party!

This Sunday is the annual garden party at the Sussex home of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes.  But before you get out the car or book tickets, let me tell you that it’s all online, and all in the communal imagination.  That’s right: a Twitter party.

Russell and Holmes have done this twice before, only this time the theme is Morocco, with Mrs Hudson furiously creating English versions of harira and couscous, and Holmes practicing on his odd Moroccan stringed instruments.  Heaven only knows what Russell is up to.  Anyway, if you’re on Twitter you can join in, and if you’re not a Twitter-er, you can listen in to the wild conversation by letting the Twitter feed scroll energetically past you.  It sounds weird, but it’s a whole lot of fun.  And it’s on Sunday.  The invitation (with details for finding the party) is here.

Malic-ious Laurie!

Malice Domestic is an annual conference held in Bethesda, MD, dedicated to the traditional mystery, gentle on its surface but roiling with deadly currents beneath.  And guess who’s just been named next year’s guest of honor?

jan burke
laura lippman
aaron elkins
Guest of Honor:
Laurie R. King
Laura Lippman
Lifetime Achievement:
Aaron Elkins
dick francis
peter robinson
cindy silberblatt
Malice Remembers:
Dick Francis
International Guest of Honor:
Peter Robinson
Fan Guest of Honor:
Cindy Silberblatt

And just look at the list of former GOHs Malice has had in its 25 years, here.  Wow!

This is a fan conference, which means it’s set up for having a good time, and for being able to schmooze around with your favorite authors. Of course, it’s also about writing, and books, and…mysteries.

May 3 next year.  Be there or miss a really great time.