The Beekeeper’s Gallery

If you’re moved to create something, send it to us, and we’ll display it here in the Gallery. Photographs, YouTube videos, photos of you dressed as Mary Russell–this is the place for it. Just don’t forget the permission form.

Beth H, dressed up as Russell Beth H, dressed up as Russell Beth H, dressed up as Russell

Kelly Walsh dressed as Russell for a costume party. An ink drawing of Holmes and Damian taking a stroll on the high street of Orkney. By Rori Shapiro. ‘Spring Reflection’, by Tamra H.

Bonnie Gladys, The Green Man, Permanent Marker Bonnie Gladys, “Remnants,”
colored pencil & permanent marker
Rebekah Tilley, “The God of the Hive”
The many faces of Mary Russell, by Gordon B.  Russell drying her hair, by Tami

beekeeper-147_small beekeeper-147_small Russ1small
Bret Herholz, portrait of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes Marisa Fife, Russell and Holmes in Wales (8/9/96) A fan dressed as Mary Russell
A Venomous Death Framed 0609

The winner’s edition of the Venomous Death broadside, whose name was drawn from among Independent Bookseller receipts. By Elina from Finland
Painting by Rori Shapiro. A version of The Language of Bees cover by Sonja Lodder, from Rotterdam. Mistress of the Hounds, by Bret Herholz



Kerry Kilburn, based on Locked Rooms; digital collage Kerry Kilburn, based on The Game; collage. Alice Wright, based on Letter of Mary; collage.



Lauren Bahr, based on Holmes’s rescue scene in O, Jerusalem. Ink outline, colored pencils Roxanne Lucchesi, photoshop and photographs.