Bouchercon 2010

For all things official, please visit the BoucherCon 2010 website.

Thank you, BoucherCon, for choosing this third-generation San Franciscan to be the US Guest of Honor! It was an honor—and a responsibility: Could LRK live up to San Francisco’s reputation for fun? Well, she sure tried!

Some of the LRK goodies at BoucherCon were exclusive to Real Life, like—

*Books (Thanks to my publishers Bantam and Picador!)

*Sherlock Holmes’ “Practical Handbook of Bee Culture” (excerpts from A Language of Bees—and if you got one, maybe you could send a few dollars to Heifer International by way of thanks?

*Two illustrated short stories, “A Venomous Death” and “Birth of a Green Man” which are, as they say, suitable for framing…

*Bottomless cups of coffee or tea from Bantam and Random House, to fuel your concentration (or as Heather Neill’s banner over the BCon coffee table says, “Time for a hundred visions and revisions, before the taking of a toast and tea.” –TS Eliot)

But—in case you couldn’t make it to San Francisco in mid-October 2010, or are discovering this page after the fact, never fear! We have a:

Virtual BoucherCon

right here, with which we counted down each Wednesday until the opening ceremonies:

Sept 22: a Laurie King guide to San Francisco (Please note: many of the downtown locations will be included in the BoucherCon cable car tour.)

Sept 29: The Mary Russell site

Oct 13-17: during BoucherCon itself:
Free download of “Birth of a Green Man”
LRK photos and blog posting
LRK readers & Friends of Laurie posting, too
And even the occasional Russell Tweet!

Which means that you could drink your tea from a LRK mug, wearing a God of the Hive t-shirt, and have BoucherCon fun, all without leaving your home.