Fifteen Weeks of Bees

In February 2009 The Beekeeper’s Apprentice turned fifteen; in April The Language of Bees turned up in stores; and in May Arthur Conan Doyle would have turned 150. So from February 1st to May 21st, we celebrated–


Fifteen Weeks of Bees!


The Fifteen Weeks are now officially over, but you can still take a look at the fun we had and find out what to expect for next year’s release of the tenth Mary Russell novel:

Throughout the Laurie King e-universe (website, blog, Goodreads, MySpace, Facebook, LRK Virtual Book Club, YouTube, and Twitter) we held events both virtual and real-life, from contests and drawings to art projects both on and off line, library talks, a book tour, a blog tour, and not one, but two new Mary Russell short stories. We gave away both weekly prizes and a final, super, all-encompassing Grand Prize — one lucky donor to Heifer International will be seeing her name of choice in Mary Russell X.


Our collaboration with Heifer International was hugely successful, raising over $10,000, and will continue even after the Fifteen Weeks. If you order anything–t-shirt, baseball cap, coffee mug–from the Cafepress store or anything through the new LRK Amazon store, our proceeds will go to Heifer International to buy — beehives! You can also contribute directly to the Heifer International Team LRK page.

Thank you all, for helping support this great cause, and thank you, everyone, for putting The Language of Bees on so many bestseller lists across the country.

— Laurie King