There will be three puzzles (courtesy of Laidee Marjorie) during the Fifteen Weeks of Bees, posted on February 16, March 2, and March 30. Each puzzle will go live on the Monday of that week, and completed puzzles must be sent to Bees@laurierking.com by that Friday.

We’ll make a drawing from the correct submissions, and the winning puzzle will win a signed set of the first four Russell and Holmes novels from Picador! Please visit the Contest Results page to find each puzzle’s winner and solution.

bee bee bee
Week 3 — February 16
Word Ladder
This week’s puzzle is a word ladder Marjorie made for us, taking all you busy bees from HIVES to HONEY, one word-rung at a time. Print it off here or download it as a PDF, then email us your solution at Bees@laurierking.com. Completed puzzles are due by Friday, February 20.
Week 5 — March 2
Acrostic Puzzle
For your enjoyment this week, Laidee Marjorie has created an acrostic puzzle (including instructions). You can print it off here or download it as a PDF here, then email the solution (a quote from The Language of Bees) to Bees@laurierking.com. Completed puzzles are due by Friday, March 6.
Week 9 — March 30
Crossword Puzzle
The final and most challenging puzzle is a Mary Russell crossword. You can print off the puzzle here and the clues here, then scan and email the solution to Bees@laurierking.com. All submissions will be entered in the drawing, so give it a try and send in your answers by Friday, April 3.