Library Week 2012

This event is now finished. Please check back regularly for similar events and giveaways in the future.

April 8-14 is National Library Week.  Which means it’s time to talk about libraries–and to run a contest!

This year, I want to hear about the thrills that you have discovered in a library’s stacks.

What have you found in a library that opened a door, or gave you a skill, or changed your life?  Libraries are life-changing places in general, yes, but sometimes it’s a specific thing that reaches out and grabs you—a book, a person, an idea, a scribbled memo stuck in the back of a book.  Write a short description of what it was that you found and how it affected you, and send it to me by April 15th.  If you prefer, it can be a poem, or a scanned piece of art, or even ever-so-slightly fictional, just so it has to do with Thrills in the Stacks. However you choose to express yourself, send it to us at

Prizes are three copies of the new Pirate King paperback (which includes the novella Beekeeping for Beginners)—or more than three if there are a lot of great submissions and I can’t make up my mind.  Winners will be announced by April 30.

In addition to your submission, I’ll also need:

Your name

The name you prefer to have used online, if different

Your permission to post your work online

An email address

Bookshelf Prunksaal OeNB Vienna AT matl00786ch