Ten Weeks of Laurie ARrrgh! King


It’s 1924, and the world’s greatest detective (and her husband, Sherlock Holmes) are dragged into a silent film based (so very loosely) upon The Pirates of Penzance: thirteen blonde actresses, a megalomaniacal director, the poet laureate of Portugal, pirates fictional and real—and a parrot.  What could go wrong?To find out, watch for Pirate King.

Avast ye, me hearties, what’s comin’ here?

826 Valencia: Give doubloons, name a characterrr!

In 2011, we raised funds for the great, grand 826 Valencia that helps young kids with their writin’.  Don’t be a lily-livered scallawag—send some doubloons to the LRK Pirate Crew, and your name’ll go into th’ cap’ns hat for a chance to name a character in Mistress King’s next book.  ARrrgh!

Free Booty!:

Names from t’ hat, several times a month outa’ the newsletter list, and from Facebook & Goodreads & Library Thing &…  Booty includes Advanced Reading Copies, t-shirts, and full-sized copies of th’ Pirate King movie poster shown above.  Aye, ye could win, me beauties!

Contests: Three of ’em!

1. For all ye word lovers: Writin’ a PaiKu!

2. For you smarties: Workin’ a crossword!

3. For th’ artists among ye: Illustratin’ a rousin’ new LRK tale! That’s right–y’see friend Rosie in the movie poster up top?  (Rosie’s the one with th’ wings.) Mistress King’s written up how he (Rosie’s a he) came to be in the story of Pirate King, but it’s such a bare and starvelin’ sort of a pile of words on the page, ye need to help out by makin’ it beautiful.  That’s right, we need yer illustrations, like, for the story.  Ye can see it by clickin’ on the name: PARROT KING (and don’t forget to be giving us your permission on the form, either.)

We’ll be givin’  details on it all, just keep your spyglass on this here page.

And that ain’t all!  We be havin’:

A Twitter Garden Party—parley with Mistress Mary Russell at her Sussex home.  Savvy?

A Blog Tour, with LRK natterin’ on about Things Piratical—shiver me timbers!

A Real Tour—wear yer costumes, win yer booty, get yer grog & hardtack—and ye’ll walk the plank, ye bilge rat, if ye don’t sing along with Mistress King’s very own sea chantey:

The Major Criminal’s song (with such apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan.) Kevin Kline and Linda Ronstadt help show how it’s to be sung, here, with some karoake music here.

Here be a flyer about th’ 10 Weeks of Laurie ARrrgh! King! And a letter to the groups who be celebratin’ the shanties of Gilbert & Sullivan.

And don’t ye forget—here be the Pirate King book page with th’ excerpts and the links and all.

So hoist the colors, me hearties—it’s ten weeks of Laurie ARrrgh! King!