For Bookstores

Laurie ARrrgh! King is coming!

If I’m coming to your store in September on the Pirate King Sail, I hope you’re ready. Here are a few suggestions, to help get your customers into the true spirit of swashbuckling:

1. You might like to print copies of the song that the event is going to start off with—“The Major-Criminal’s Song”—here. (And I hope you have a CD player connected to your store’s sound system, for the music I’ll be bringing—without a tune to follow, it’s going to be even more of a challenge!)

2. Printable copies of Pirate King bookmarks are here.

3. To make copies of the “Parrot King” short-short story, go here. Crayons optional.

4. Pirate booty can be had at many places online, such as here or here. If your store has always needed a flock of inflatable parrots, you can find different kinds here.

5. And of course you know about International Talk Like a Pirate Day, right? They have a translation list of common phrases.

6. Recipes for hard tack? What about grog? Now, that should make for a lively event!

7. If you need more copies of the Pirate King book cards/LRK check list, or another Pirate King poster, send me an email.

I’ll be giving prizes at the event for the best costume, or most enthusiastic singing, or whatever strikes my fancy.

See you in September!