PaiKu is simply, Pirate Haiku:

Full moon looking down
Canvas big-bellied with wind
(The man on deck, too.)

Now, proper haiku has all kinds of rules and subtleties, but for the purposes of this contest, we’ll leave it simple, namely:

*Three lines
*Up to 17 syllables in all (try the pattern 5-7-5)
*The sense that there is more to the poem than its surface
*And of course: Pirates!

Your PaiKu can be about anything to do with the pirate life: ships, grog, parrots, buried treasure, wenches (or the male equivalent), peg-legs, eye-patches, Johnny Depp, the wind in the sails—well, you get the idea.

The contest opens today, and closes August 27, with voting from August 28-30

Prizes are signed copies of the Pirate King hardback and copies of the original 1925 “Pirate King” movie poster.

Submit your PaiKu to:

Parrot in the tops*
Bright and loud and curious
Spewing seeds of thought.

Belay those doubts—you can do this!

* “Tops” is the proper name for the crow’s nest, piratically speaking.